DT (Double Taper) :

These are the most common flylines because of their ease of use; even beginners can cast them without any problems.
Suitable for light fishing.


SS/DT (Small Stream/Double Taper) :

These lines are suitable for fast line speed during casting. Indicated for the Italian style of casting known as TLT and especially in small streams. It has high visibility to be able to follow your line in fast waters.


WF (Weight Forward):

Technical fly line for long distance. Helps when casting into the wind with long casts.


AT (Arrow Taper):

This line has a profile that makes it a very fast line with gentle and slow presentations. Speed and delicate presentation.


JT (Jet Taper) :

This line is suitable for short powerful penetrating casts. It is a WF line with the Jet part which is much shorter. Ideal for small fast and bushy streams.


SJ (Slight Jet Taper) :

This line is suitable for short delicate casts. The front part is a Double Jet while the rest is a running line.


DJ (Double Jet):

This line is suitable for fishing in small bushy streams and is ideal for short casts. It has a front end that has the taper of an AT for short delicate casts (with an active running line). The mid-section tapers and becomes thinner while the opposite end it has the taper of a WF for short powerful casts.

BT (Bullet Taper):

This line has a taper that allows for long distance casts. Ideal for lake and large river fishing. AFter the first 10 meters, the taper creates a more powerful push and then the running line starts; the running line has a thinner diameter so the le line can be used for faster casts.

ART (Aerodynamic Taper):

This line has been designed for very long casts and is ideal to cover long distances. The taper has been designed to penetrate the air better.


Tenkara :

This line is ideal for the ancient Japanese style of flyfishing which has been praticed since the VII century. The lightness of this line allows a very natural presentation. Line weight, taper and length of the Tenkara line can be tailor made to your requirements.

Valsesiana :

Light line which is ideal for the Valsesiana style of fishing, the ancient Italian fly fishing technique which developed in the famous Valsesia in Piedmont (Italy). Easy to cast even in presence of wind with a delicate presentation. Line weight, taperand length of the Valsesiana line can be tailor made to your requirements.

1/2 DT (”Half” Double Taper):

Ideal for the fly fisher who wishes to try out a Terenzio silk line. Quality and saving in 15 meters.