Hi there! My name is Terenzio Zandri and I have been working for 30 years to give all fly fishermen a silk line that is best suited to their style of fishing; to transform every cast they have imagined into the cast they will carry out.

Fly fishing is a discipline which is based on attempts to creating perfect casts that will catch trout.

Casting with industrial lines can sometimes require great effort because they have little fluidity and are not very quiet. In other occasions they can be splashy because they “break” the surface tension during presentation and when setting the hook. This can happen when the line is too thick and when it is too rigid and does not float very well.

My hand-made silk lines are designed to follow the casting action smoothly and naturally. They flow quietly through the guides and once they reach the water, they land gently and the pickup is never splashy at all.

My lines are characterised by a reduced diameter; they are coated with a thin superficial mouldable layer which in time wears off leaving the silk which requires little maintenance thanks to its high floatability.

What really distinguishes them from other lines is their very fine braiding.

Every line I create comes to life through the words of the fishermen I have met, from their stories, their experiences and desires.

That’s why every Terenzio silk line is so well-suited to every kind of river; from slow flowing ones to very fast flowing ones, and they meet the requirements of the most discerning fishermen.

So if you love fly fishing profoundly as much as I do, you will find the same attention that you apply in your casting in my handmade silk lines.